Director: Taylor Sheridan


Kelsey Asbille (Natalie), Jeremy Renner (Cory Lambert), Shayne J. Cullen (BIA Officer), Tyler Laraca (Frank), Althea Sam (Annie), Tokala Black Elk (Sam Littlefeather), Martin Sensmeier (Chip), Julia Jones (Wilma), Teo Briones (Casey), Graham Greene (Ben), Gil Birmingham (Martin), Eric Lange (Dr. Whitehurst), Elizabeth Olsen (Jane Banner), Tantoo Cardinal (Alice Crowheart), and many more.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, and Mystery


The story is about Jeremy Rener, a cowboy hunter who lives in the silence and snow in the winter in the beautiful place of Wyoming. He was named after an Indian Reservation and Wild River is the place where Kelsey Asbille (a young American girl) was found frozen solid in the dead of winter.

With the help of Jane Banner and the FBI agent, Jeremy Rener tries his best to figure out what or who the young lady was running from and how she came to be dead there. The movie was directed by Taylor Sheridan, who also wrote the screenplays for High Water, Sicario and a few others.

Wild River can be a violent, sparse, tense thriller or well-paced opening to a nerve-thrilling episode. The main character was really amazing. Aside from his excellent acting skills, he was really in good form in the movie.

Nevertheless, the film spent much time on intervening white Americans. It is more effective when it overcomes existential themes instead of the political ones. Overall, it is a worth-it movie to watch. Whether you have watched it in 2017 or are looking for a movie with suspense, thrill and violence, it is a good choice.

The year 2017 had passed. And this 2018, it continues to capture people’s attention all over the world. Cory Lambert proved how to be a versatile actor in the Hollywood. Plus, the entire cast, including the director did a great job. Indeed, the movie is good to watch!