The movie tracks a journey led by Christian Bale who plays as Joseph Blocker across a terrain in America set in the 1800’s. During their journey, they come across Rosamund Pike (Rosalie Quaid) who is facing the harsh world of New Mexico during that time. They have a difficult time especially at the hands of the evil Comanche raiders. Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike have beautifully portrayed the emotional struggles between Captain Joseph Blocker and Rosalie Quaid.

The emotions of Christian Bale is excellently portrayed. His pain, anger, and weariness are deep. Rosamund Pike on the other hand is layered as a woman who is recovering from trauma. Wes Studi best known for this performance in Avatar and is renowned for playing powerful and stoical types portrayed the character of Chief Hawk. The casting of Wes Studi to this role was very fitting but the character is not very well defined in the movie. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the movie. ‘Hostiles’ being a film about the Whites suppressing the Native Americans, the screenplay doesn’t give enough insights about the oppressed.

Adding to the brilliant performances from Pike and Bale, the cinematography is also very realistically filmed which is another benefit to the movie. Yet, with the movie running beyond two hours, there are some scenes where your interest might be compromised.

Overall it is a finely crafted movie that intelligently reveals the hostilities that result from prejudice and how it needs to be reexamined for changing times and situations.

Movie DetailsGenre: Adventure/ Drama

Director: Scott Cooper

Writers: Scott Cooper, Donald E. Stewart

Runtime: 134 min