Director: David Leitch

Cast: Charlize Theron, John Goodman, James McAvoy, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Roland Moller, James Faulkner, Bill Skarsgard, Sofia Boutella, Johannes Haukur Johannesson, Sam Hargrave and more

Rating: 6.7

Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller

Based on the graphic novel entitled The Coldest City, the movie Atomic Blonde is the solo directorial masterpiece by co-helmsman of John Wick, David Leitch. The union of the outstanding ability of this filmmaker with action and using leading female action star, Theron, excites a lot of people. With a similar outlook to ‘Jane Wick,” it’s a story told in the world of espionage rather than the underground crime.

The outcome is something of a varied bag. The movie Atomic Blonde is a sophisticated thriller, yet uneven, and punctuated by a powerful performance by Theron and electrifying action sequences.

While Atomic Blonde has no shortage of superb settings, the movie is constrained by an insipid script, which leaves something to be anticipated. The premise of the major narrative is quite difficult to swallow and does manage to bring something new to the table. The events of the whole story are so simple to follow, they are also needlessly complex conversations in some cases, when a more focused and streamlined approach to certain plot points would have been more suitable.

On the other side, the movie shines through its technical rewards. Leitch shows that he has the prowess behind the camera, creating exciting scene combinations which stand out and are absolutely brutal in their execution. One scene set inside a hall is the climax of the entire movie, and Leitch’s magnificent camera work and choreography is the perfect lens to see it through.

Atomic Blonde is questionably an exercise in style over substance; nonetheless, the talent of Leitch is enough to make the film a pleasurable ride through its two-hour running time.