The 12 Strong is a movie revolving around the distressing days after the September 11 attacks where Captain Mitch Nelson (played by Chris Hemsworth), who leads a U.S. Special Forces team is sent to Afghanistan to carry out an extremely dangerous mission. Another task the team had is to convince General Dostum (played by Navid Negahban) to join the Special Force Team to fight against the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies.

Chris Hemsworth who plays as a retired Special Force Captain Nelson starts unpacking things in his new home with his wife and daughter when the 9/11 incident happened. He immediately goes to the base and joins the American response. His commanding officer is not supportive of his mission. He gets help from Hal Spencer who is the Chief Officer to reassemble his team.

The movie is a real life story based on a book describing the story of American soldiers who entered Afghanistan for a war on a horseback after the September 11 attack.

The performance of Hemsworth is not very impressive. However his physical presence helps with the character of the story. It is clearly not the best war movie from the debut director Nicolai Fuglsig but the story is very inspiring. The casting is brilliantly chosen which makes the most of it. Even though the movie lacks the depth it has enough to entertain the audience.

Movie Details

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Writers: Peter Craig, Ted Tall

Genre(s): Action, Drama, History, War

Rating: R

Runtime: 130 min